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God's Unchanging Word eNews Alert, September 16th., 2016

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16th., 2016


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KINGDOM ROAD by Kaley Willow, A Feast Gift to be Available at ALL
of the COGMI Feast Sites, 2016

We are thrilled to be blessed with a gift of inspiration from a very talented and spirit filled Church of God songwriter, Donna Raudenbush. Donna, whose pen name is Kaley Willow, has been a long-time supporter of COGMI and is now a published and much loved songwriter. She has written a variety of genres from Children's Songs to Hymns, Contemporary Christian, Country, Adult Contemporary and more.

Kingdom Road is a beautifully written CD performed by a variety of talented artists who have put a lot of work into each and every song. From the mellow tones of the first track, On the First Day of Forever, to the upbeat and powerful last song, Thy Kingdom Come, this compilation of inspirational music weaves its genius lyrics and melodies with a very soulful and peaceful array of compositions that are a joy to hear.

It was difficult to choose a particular track to make available for you to listen to online; there are so many wonderful songs. But since people are beginning to think about and prepare for the upcoming Fall Holy Days, we thought it fitting to upload the 15th track on the CD titled, Come to the Feast of the Lord. We are all anticipating these joyous Holy Days, and many of us already have ‘Feast Fever.’ Since we will be giving away a copy of this special CD at each Feast site, we thought it quite appropriate to give you a taste of the incredible music of Ms. Donna Raudenbush, who was kind enough to grant us permission to bring this gift to God’s people who attend with the COGMI this year.





Have you ever considered how much of the Bible we have stored in our memory banks that we acquired from our youth? Information that we were taught as a child in Bible school or passed along from our parents that they learned from their parents?

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Feast of Tabernacles 2016

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