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April 20, 2018 Syria - U.S. Strikes Back

Trade Wars With China

God's Holy Days
Feast of Weeks - Part 3

April 13, 2018 Syria - Chemical Weapons

Trade Wars?

God's Holy Day - Feast of Weeks Part 2


April 6, 2018 Violence in Jerusalem

Turkey - The Syrian Civil War

God's Holy Days - Feast of Weeks

March 30, 2018 Omnibus Bill

Youth Protest Goes  Global

God's Holy Days
10th of AVIV

March 23, 2018 Promoting Student Protest

Turkey - And the Syrian Civil War

God's Holy Days

March 16, 2018 Islamic Multiculturalism

Prime Minister Netyanhu
The Embassy Move

Gods Holy Days

March 9, 2018 News Briefs - Quick Trip Around the News

Jerusalem In The News

Where We Might Be in Prophecy

March 3, 2018 School Shooting Reaction

Herd Mentality Intensifies

The Un-Skirting

February 23, 2018 3 Volcanoes Erupting

School Shooting

The Herd Mentality

February 16, 2018 Israeli Jet Shot Down

Tax Cuts - The Big Risk

Addressing he Questions
"Where Might we be in Prophecy"

February 9, 2018 The Mindset Of a Changing Nation

Tax Cuts - The Big Gamble

The Prudent - Part 2

February 2, 2018 Freedom Proclamation

The Economy

The Prudent

January 26, 2018 Christian Persecution

The Economy

Mardi Gras - Part 3

January 19, 2018 Nuclear Alert Warning - Hawaii

Did You Know Video - 12th Night

Mardi Gras - Continuing Coverage
January 12, 2018 Bomb Cyclone - Global Warming 2018
Meeting of Koreas
 Iranian Protest
Mardi Gras - "Greatest Free Show On Earth"
January 5, 2018 Battle of New Orleans

Silencing the Biblical Foundation of Truth

As in the Days of Sodom
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